DWEA - Argentina WindPower 2018

Export promotion 06.09.2018-07.09.2018

For the first time - a wind exhibition in Argentina

Argentina is a market in focus, and lately Vestas announced that they will establish a nacelle factory in Argentina to support the more than 900 MW that they already have in pipeline. Nordex also has announced  similar plans in Argentina.

Argentina aims to have 10 GW wind 2025 where half of it is already now out in auctions and that the country in 2020 already should have more than 20 % renewables. Installed capacity (less 400 MW in 2017)

Vestas, Envision, Gamesa have all confirmed along with AWS Truepower, Ventus, Genneia (largest local developer) and several more that they will join or sponsor the event.


DWEA will make a Danish joint poster pavilion at the event where you can book your space.









Price Per Poster 27.900 kr. + coordination fee members / non members

If grant is given, price will be reduced (not known until August)

Included in the price is:

Build up  / Dismantling of the pavilion
Poster graphics
Including on-site DWEA Service
Entry to exhibition
Exhibitor dinner
Grant application assistance




Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Søren Rasmussen


Tlf. +45 40 22 03 11